Thursday, September 20, 2012

The value of customer testimonials

Third party endorsements of your products published as testimonials can positively influence prospective customers and become another useful marketing tool.

Endorsements can be requested or unsolicited - such as someone spontaneously contacting the company to praise the product, or in response to examples of good service they have received. Alternatively it could be a product review on an industry (or your own company) web site, but reviews can also focus on negative experience.

Requested testimonials should be organised where users of your products can be invited to provide a statement that can be quoted in publicity material, or go further than that and invite them to agree to a full interview. Interviewing the person giving the testimonial can be made on video and at the location where your products are used. The video technique is very useful. The interviewees can introduce themselves and talk about their company to establish their authority and credentials and then be guided through response to a series of questions. The products can be shown in situ and demonstrated in use. How and why your products were chosen can be elicited and the user experience explored.

Usually the video will need editing so that it flows well and establishing footage of the venue or location added to help tell the story.  But posting the interview to the company YouTube archive is just the beginning. The interview can easily be re-purposed as an article for the company newsletter, as a press release and selecting a still and quote used for display advertising with a QR link back to the video.

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