Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Infographics - do they work for you? Is a video review better?

Infographics is a term recently back in the marketing spotlight used to describe the visual presentation of information, data or knowledge in an easy to comprehend way.

In fact infographics make me think of long gone parents evenings at my children's school where posters of historic events, geography, science etc displayed information, data or knowledge in an easy to comprehend way. Hold on. Does this suggest that the target audiences need pictures to make them look at this stuff, so we have to treat them like children? Early reading books are mainly picture books with captions, but as they progress and grow up children move on to text only books. An interesting infographic on the subject of Content Marketing was so long it set me thinking that traditional bar charts might actually display the data more usefully.

Then what type of person needs the information made pretty anyway? Engineers have traditionally received data in tables or charts, dimensions marked on drawings and descriptions in specification terminology - all delivered in a data sheet. Where the operation benefits from illustration then video is in my mind much more effective.

An interesting observation here is that a class of apparently amateur reviewers has emerged to provide their opinion on the product - for example electronic gadgets for home and office. The manufacturers send them a 'review sample' which they unwrap, set up, test and offer an opinion as to value and effectiveness. In short a fairly independent assessment for minimal expense and probably saves a lot of calls to the support team too! 

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